Our Story


Builder, Tinkerer, Designer, Creator.

“I’d often find myself imagining ways to make jobs easier, or do things better. And if what I imagined wasn't already available, I’d usually try to make it myself.” Regan Low, The Good Rule creator

As a builder, Regan always felt the modern 1m folding rule was missing something.

Cheap, brittle and dysfunctional, it felt fundamentally flawed for the trade. It lacked the quality, thoughtfulness, and craft that the old tools had in spades. Regan knew something had been lost along the way. So he set about trying to find it again.

Designing The Good Rule.

After countless drawings, sketches and notes, Regan enlisted the help of Blender Industrial Design to bring The Good Rule to life. Prototype after prototype, version after version, the team worked tirelessly. Until finally, they were ready to find a manufacturer.

Manufacturing The Good Rule.

After multiple late nights spent going back-and-forth with multiple potential manufacturers, the team struck gold. They formed a manufacturing partnership with a China-based company who shared the team’s vision, and was more than willing to take on the project. They still work together to this day – building The Good Rule, and building a great relationship along the way.

Building a community.

The trade community has rallied around The Good Rule, and their support has helped make it great. Community feedback led directly to the design of the 24inch imperial version, made just for American and Canadian builders. Since it first launched, The Good Rule has gone global – even winning a green tick at the Australian Good Design Awards.

At its roots, The Good Rule is still a small company based out of Ngunguru, New Zealand. But thanks to the ongoing support of our community, we’ll keep thinking big.