10% Discount for two or more rules buy for a mate or as a spare
10% Discount for two or more rules buy for a mate or as a spare
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Made to measure.

Inspired by old-school quality tools, The Good Rule is for you – the builder, the maker, the creator. Designed with dimensions that make sense for the way we build today, and made to help all your good ideas, cunning plans, and personal projects come together.



24 inch

Standard width — 1/2 sheet + stud spacing + floor joist spacing


1 1/2 inch

Framing timber and stud width — nogs + dwangs


12 inch

Standard screw spacing — dry wall + sheeting



Easy angle finder


1/4 inch + 1/2 inch ruler thickness for handy reference.


1/32 inch marked increments ideal for small accurate work.

 Center-line feature for measuring offset lines or splitting centres.


Fluoro green for maximum contrast.


Hi-VIS colour to make it hard to lose and easy to find.


The Good Rule is made of tough engineered ABS plastic with a hardy brass protractor hinge and brass pins.


Note: Though all accuracy and attention to detail is adhered to, the quick angle feature may vary slightly between rules.

It’s a tricky little bugger to get right.

There are manufacturing limitations that we reach with this feature compounding the tolerances.

Printing is done through a printing process with a >0.5mm accuracy

The moulded parts have a >0.3mm accuracy

The brass hardware has a >0.3mm accuracy 

Use it like a bevel it is perfect for quick finding a bend in a pipe, roof pitch guess, post brace cut ect...


Designed in New Zealand, built to last, and made to unfold ideas. 


NZ and AUS registered design.